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Remote Sensing & GIS

EGSS is conducting tailor made fast track training programs Remote Sensing and GIS software, use of Environmental software for specific projects like plume modeling, noise modeling, air modeling, wind rose diagrams, Health, Safety and Environment to various clients in India.

DGPS and GPS Survey :

Practical training in using Trimble 5700 DGPS and Trimble JUNO Hand Held GPS instrument. DGPS surveys are used in infrastructure projects, ground truthing, geological mapping etc. It is a useful tool for civil engineers, geologists, geophysicists and environmental engineers.

Environmental software :

Environmental software is used in impact assessments and in evaluation of air, noise, water and soil quality. It is useful for civil engineers, environmental engineers, chemistry and geology students.

Air pollution modelling – ISCST3 (Industrial Source Complex Short Term), SCREEN3 (Single source Gaussian plume model) and CALINE4 (California Line Source Dispersion model) for pollution from industrial stacks, WRPLOT (wind rose plotting software) for wind analysis.

Noise modelling – Theory and practice of noise monitoring and modelling, Dhwani software.

Groundwater modelling – ROCKWORKS software for block models and cross sections, Resistivity Software for locating potential ground water zones, SURFER 8 (Contouring and surface mapping).

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software :

GIS is useful for science, arts and engineering students, especially those in the fields of civil engineering, geology, forestry, environmental studies etc.

ArcGIS 9.3 – map and database creation and analysis, 2D and 3D map analysis, Case studies and use of GIS in planning, forest mapping, mineral mapping, disease analysis.

Mapinfo 9 – map and database creation, database analysis, Case studies and use of GIS in planning, environmental analysis.

BOWTIE Training :

EGSS provides a systematic and structured training in BOWTIE Risk Analysis Software.

The Bowtie methodology does more than just visually presenting all of the risks. It also provides a visual representation of your Safety Critical Elements. In Bowtie, the SCE is known as a Barrier or Control that prevents, controls or mitigates major accident scenarios. Besides identifying SCE’s, Bowties also look into the factors that might reduce or defeat their effectiveness (called Escalation Factors in Bowtie theory). This increases the awareness and insight into what factors might indirectly influence the safety performance, and also gathers the practical knowledge in the organisation and makes it explicit. This is also one of the reasons why Bowties are used for organisational learning. But even more important, it allows organisations to think one step ahead and foresee complex interactions without the need for an incident to occurs.

RUBIK's Cube Training Program :

Solving all sides of Rubik’s Cube at the least possible time involves skill, reflex, focus and concentration. EGSS personnel provide systematic training on various aspects involved in solving Rubik’s cube. The program leads to

  • Increase in competency skills
  • Increase in focus and concentration
  • Increase in sharpness and capacity of your memory
  • Improves speed, hand, eye and brain coordination
  • 3 dimensional Analysing Power
  • Matching & Projection skills



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