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EGSS has vast experience in Establishing GCP’s, conducting topographical surveys, Route Survey, Contour and Topographic Surveys for creating digital elevation model (DEM), Boundary survey, hydrographic survey works etc.

Ground control points GCP ’s

Using Trimble 5700 and R3 we establish the GCP’s for satellite image geometric corrections and also to establish network of points. These points can be used for the subsequent measurements that are to be recorded at the site.

Route Survey

To locate the alignment for oil pipe lines, Transmission lines, cable networking etc.

Contour and Topographic Surveys

Contours are imaginary lines connecting the same height. The contour maps provide the condition of the existing terrain, which helps designing the drains etc. Topographical survey determines the characteristics details of the surface like Locations of the buildings, roads, etc.

Boundary Surveys

To establish the forest boundaries / property corners of a piece of property and accurately define the limits of the subject property.

Volume Calculation

To compute the volume of cutting and filling of the ground for developmental activities, ore minerals, roads, leveling or excavating the existing ground to the required depth etc.

Hydrographic surveys

Nearshore bathymetric survey (up to 600m) using dual frequency echosounder, dispersion modeling etc.



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