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Welcome To EGSS!

Environmental & Geo Spatial Solutions (EGSS) is an reputed Environmental and GIS Consulting Company established in Chennai in July 2008. The company comprises well qualified and well experienced personnel with over 15 years International project experience in India, Europe and Asia.


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  1. Geographical Information Systems.
  2. GPS, DGPS, Bathymetric and Utility Surveys.
  3. BOWTIE Risk Management Software Training.
  4. Mineral Mapping.
  5. Geological, Hydro-geological studies.
  6. Environmental Site Assessments.
  7. Environmental Impact Assessments and Statements.
  8. Air and Noise Modelling.
  9. Air, Noise, Water Sampling And Monitoring.
  10. Risk Assessment and Disaster Management.
  11. Energy and Waste Audits.
  12. Baseline Soil, Ground Water, Air & Noise Monitoring.
  13. Capacity Building and Skill Development Trainings.



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